Friday, October 30, 2015

a mahogany slab conference table

this slab has been 'around the shop', looking for a home for a while now and it finally found one recently.  it will be going to a local financial firm, and will be a conference/meeting table 
in their about to be remodeled offices.
as you might imagine, any conference table in 2015 will require lots of wires and power outlets, in fact there will be four cat 5 cables, an hdmi cable, and 3 duplex outlets, all recessed into the bottom of the slab so that there are no holes poking up through it.  we will likely add some small simple wire retainers to support the cords where they loop up and over from below.

some early drawings and revisions of the plan above.

and we made a couple small scale models.  this one is 1" = 1'.

lots of hand routing by trevor as the slab was too big and heavy to go upstairs to the cnc.
the electrical layout

while you can't see it here, there are holes in the bottoms of the hollow legs and the wires will exit through the top of the leg and into the channels to the boxes.  in the end, the table will be bolted to the floor as it is installed and the wires will come in from the cellar below.  we had it 'on its feet' earlier in the week, but i somehow missed that photo opportunity .., we'll try that again later ...

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