Sunday, May 29, 2016

open studio update

ok .. doors open in 3 hours .. kit still has to set up her jewelry, but the case is in place and she should have plenty of time ... the shops are REALLY clean, and i have just a few last minute details to attend to ... prices, road signs, sweep the office .. etc.  the weather is beautiful though hot ... come by if you can ...lots to see.
the big claro table is still here .. and isaiah finished the leather yesterday .. the benches still 
need finishing on the wood but the curved steel bases by sam are ready to go.  and there is a partially finished claro slab in the foreground, looking for a home ..
we have another area with a few smaller pieces for sale ..
i've got my paintings hung for their first public appearance .. nice to see them all lined up
panoramic of the metal shop
 another shot of the claro walnut slab for sale
the cnc area is cleaned up pretty nice .. that's will shop in the background
a guitar will finished recently ... had to learn some new skills, like metal spinning for this one ..
and the jewelry is out!

light turnout yesterday .. hoping for more folks today ...


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