Monday, May 23, 2016

open studi0 2016

ok ... here we go again .. it's open studio time .. kit and sam and i are going to have a good time setting up for open studio this year .. there will be lots to see from jewelry to metal working to woodworking, pottery and possibly a few of my paintings and sculptures ..  here's just a sample .. i'll ad more as we get it together ..
this coming saturday and sunday, 10-5 both days .. come by if you can ...
we are one mile up danby mountian  road from route 30 in dorset, vt .. 23 goodwood lane, one the left ..
click the photos to enlarge them ...
some of kit's new pieces in labradorite and kyanite ..
i'll have this slab available to be something .. also some base sketches and suggestions .. 
this is a model, but the actual slab will be here and sam will have the base in process. 
this one is a work in process, but it will definitely be finished by the weekend ..
more photos as the week progresses .. stay tuned ..
 a cherry 'bethlehem stell' bureau
steel and painted oak coffee table
some of my paintings will be hung up and for sale
 and some pottery

below are some links and open studio photos from previous years.
open studio 2015

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