Thursday, January 19, 2017

another claro walnut live edge table

ok .. all done .. 1/21 ... having a little saturday photoshoot with trevor at jk adams, where we have been working on this 5' x 11' table .. they had this handy rolling stairway, like at the lumberyard, that
gave me a really nice elevated perspective on the table top, which is never easy to do in my own shop.
lots and lots of florescent lights, but we managed to warm things up with a couple of photo hot lights and
some cardboard blockers.  
a little photoshop cutting and stamping .. it kinda looks like it's floating a little, but you get the idea ..
i could do a little more work on this photo it if the spirit moves me .. 
the story is below ...
another new year, another claro walnut table ... i've lost count now, but
as you can see from this slide show, we have certainly made a bunch of them ..
this one will be about 11' long and 4' to 5' wide.  the client is undecided whether to
trim it more parallel or leave it with the flared live edge .. they have got some time to consider it
as it just arrived at jk adams on friday .. hooray for forklifts and big open workspaces!
click the photos to enlarge them ...
we made some 'visual aids' to help them decide .. two 1/10th scale models, one trimmed and 
one with the natural edge, with the pictures good hope hardwoods had of the slab on their website
the clients have decided to go with the full width, live edge version,
and trevor is working away on it, really away, as he is actually at our friend's
factory, JK Adams, down the road in downtown dorset.
he made some good progress today ...
from the website photos, we thought this would be the face, but,
as it turns out, there were two pieces of fence stuck in the slab which made
a dark stain deep in the wood .. also, on this side, the cracks are bigger as it is closer
to the center of the tree. 
the other side of the slab below, has some really spectacular
grain and color, and smaller and fewer cracks.
and no metal or metal stains on this side ...
so we're gonna go with this one, pending the client's approval
we cut the slab closer to its final length this morning and back at the shop made 
some sample blanks from the cut offs ... it is going to be a sweet one ... 
first coat of finish on this one ... more photos soon
moving along .. filled the cracks and routed for the base pieces and stiffeners today ..
update 1/19/17
working on the top last week

working on the bottom and the steel base pieces this week..
 and the shipping crates for its journey to the big island next week  ..
more as we move along ... 

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Cam Machine said...

I would love to have that very table in my front room