Tuesday, January 10, 2017

so, another staggering statistic ... photos on google +

i was getting ready to organize my 'photos from 2016' slide show, like i've done every year since 2009 and i checked my 'slideshows' section and logged in to my google + profile page where it shows all my photo collections 
a brief scroll through them showed that after 8 + years of blogging, i have over 10,000 images there for public viewing.   there used to be links to the blog posts that every picture is from, but somehow, google + changed picasa and now sometimes they show and sometimes they don't .. i would really like to figure out how to make them show every time ... any ideas folks?  leave a comment or send an email please.
 a very interesting (to me) visual diary of recent pieces and events ....
like 2,000,000 + page views is a lot of page views, 10,000 photos on the web is a lot of photos ...

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