Tuesday, February 14, 2017

repairs, restorations, saving the past ... stuff we like to do ...

 it's always good to bring a family piece back to life .. 
this one belongs to my friends beth and tom 
it is a family piece from beth or tom's grandfather, i forget which ...
it had, as they say, some issues ... fortunately, and i do mean fortunately, as the pieces fell off , the were scrupulously saved and truth be told, the only one they missed was the big chunk off one of the drawer faces ... 
tom is a retired historic preservation architect, so he was on the same page as us
regarding the restoration process.  'don't make it look new'.  just spruce it up a bit
was what we decided.  tyler had at it, and he did a patient and wonderful job .. 
tah dah ... the hardware had some knd of mysterious coating on it that had
defied beth's efforts to polish it up.  we sed a low speed wire wheel on the grinder and
touched up the shin spots with some antique brass patina chemical .. thebrasses all looked 
pretty much perfect when he was through .. the dark left end and bottom two drawers were like 
that when it arrived and we just polished everything up with a bit of oil stain and some wax.

the interior is all back in shape, everyone of the little gallery tops 
were in the drawer along with a broken off point of one of the feet!!
the drawers are all sliding like a new ... 

we really enjoy doing these restorations and are always up for 
and available to restore/repair worthy pieces
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