Monday, February 20, 2017

stuff we like to build

hmmm .. i have been thinking a bit about the future as i approach my 70th birthday in july.
how would i like to focus my business for the next few years?
i just wrote a blog post about repairs and restoration work, which we all enjoy,
but i would say that tables are probably our favorite thing to build ..
big ones, little ones, ones with live edge slabs of a log for a top,
federal style or traditional style with interesting inlays.
'mid century modern', farmhouse style, art deco, antique inspired, reclaimed wood ...
i think we have covered a good share of the possibilities.
click the photos to enlarge them if you are at your desktop ... 
for instance, above is page 02 of  07 from the 'dining table' section of my (ancient) website,
which implies that there are about 60 other different ones there if you scroll through all 7 pages.
and then we have our 'small tables', page 2 of 4 pages ... only about 36 of those ..
here's a link to that website section here ..
 and don't forget 'desks' ... essentially more table like objects ..

so, what am i trying to say ??? maybe it's that we have always enjoyed
creating the flat, useful surface, supported by an infinite variety of pedestal and leg systems.
tables are functional.  they are straightforward.
everyone, (including thoreau), needs at least couple of them.
there is something just eminently satisfying about walking into a friend or client's house and
having a meal at a table you made for them ...
some of those pictured on my (ancient) website i made over 30 years ago,
 and they are still going strong.
the most popular styles in the last few years have definitely been the live edge tables
at the top of this post, and the various round with pedestal variations shown 
in this glimpse of an online slide show of 
many, many, many, many pictures there .. 
certainly far from all of them, but a lot for sure ... 
thousands in fact ...
this post was prompted by the 4, count em', potential clients i spoke to today about a new table
angela, she's a designer, and had 3 different tables to discuss, jori and david, sevda in london, and lauren in sanfrancisco
i've got some drawing to do ...

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