Monday, February 6, 2017

a walk in the woods

2/4/17 ...
nice day saturday, so i took a walk in the woods.
i started at my new 'side' step off the front porch
it's a single stone, about 22" deep,11' long and 7" thick ..
waiting for the frost to go in the spring to set it on stone risers ...
thanks pete!  we love it ...
through the woods to 'the overlook' .. its about 20 minutes out to the west ..
  up the hill

over the hill, looking toward merck forest ..
and up the valley to pawlet 
home back through the woods on a different path, past the big red oak tree
i'd gues it's about 48" in diameter
past the neighbors house

past the view of peter's peak ..

home again, home again, jiggity jig ...
checked on the shop ..
and looked out toward stratton and mount snow ... 50 mile view
looks like winter is at least half over
i am guessing the fish are hoping so ...

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