Sunday, October 1, 2017

a reclaimed chestnut and steel dining table

we finished this one a while back, but we are going to use the base design
in a couple of new projects coming up soon ... 
the table base is essentially 2.5" square tubing, with welded caps on the bottom to
accept small adjustable levelers .. the original design was wood, but
the clients for the matched tables above wanted to incorporate some of sam's steel work.
cad drawing for the chestnut table .. very straightforward ...

base alone .. tubing plus angle iron
we'll be making a curly maple table about 34 x 78, and probably at the same time,
 a base for this new mahogany plank that arrived recently from
our friends at irion lumber 
  ... +/- 42 x 120 .. and available .. will cut to suit
nice one!
beginning of the smoothing process .. looks kind of cool like this, actually

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