Saturday, September 30, 2017

new spalted maple coffee table for sale

we've got a new spalted maple coffee for sale in the local
along with our other stuff there.  the show runs through columbus day weekend and you can see the
work of over 30 talented vermont artists ... friday,saturday and sunday through 10/8 ..
i will be sitting in the gallery on sunday the 8th.  stop in and 'say hi if you are in town
this is the third one of three from that log cut by my friend porter brown
back in the 90s .. he gave me several pieces from it, and after he died, 
i was able to purchase some of the pieces he left behind from his daughter last year
this one was almost 4" thick when we started, but ...
the flattening process took almost an inch off it .. that hardmaple
sure likes to move around when it's drying
anyway, i'm pretty please with how it came out, and it is completely
au naturel, no fill in the cracks, just a scraped, sanded and finished 
piece of beautiful spalted maple

r.i.p. porter brown .... one of the greats ..

art manchester!  across from the equinox hotel, manchester  village
lots to see there ...

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