Wednesday, January 31, 2018

where did it go? second attempt ..

so, here it is the end of january, and i haven't written even one
blog post this month except to wish y'all a happy new year back on the first.
it's not cause were not doing anything, it's more like there is just
too, too much going on here, and i can no longer keep up with writing about all of it .. 
here's sort of a summary ..
it started off with slab 80#6 from goodhope hardwoods 
that arrived with a chunk of itself missing.
fortunately the adjacent slab #5 was still available and the client needed
a seven foot desk so voila! lemonade from lemons!
80# 5 turned out to be equally spectacular, all 43" x 10 feet of it
couldn't quite get it all in the picture
we got to make some nice steel butterflies to go with the steel base by sam
and sam will be wrapping up the base for the desk this week now that we
have the wiring and the drawer figured out .
butterflies in the table top
 the desk top
base for the desk
 the bench base and top below ..
this is just one of about 5 projects we have been working on this month ...
more in a bit
ok , we got the desk together today .. 

fantastic figure in the maple

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