Wednesday, January 31, 2018

some of the other stuff

lots of other stuff went on in january ... we removed two existing
vanities from a late 80s house and we are replacing them with cherry
vanities similar to a cherry bar we made for the client last summer ...
we also had to change the existing plumbing from one sink to two ..
 same with this one, which will be about a foot longer
lots of things to consider here ... the curly cherry below is for a mirror over the new vanity

beautiful stuff from irion lumber
and we're all getting older here ... i've been making these coasters for years ..
in fact i just made a 60 for a friend and when i got to his party, there was a 50 i 
forgot i made for him 10 years ago ... lots of seventies these day and one one
66 that will be good when malcolm gets to be 99.
and we made the first version of this federal style side table in 2004 ... coming along ...

and we also sent two claro walnut live edge bethlehem steel
consoles to a friend in kansas city .. we finished up the month working on 
two bookcases for him that will be leaving on monday or tuesday ..
steel legs by sam ..
american walnut, oil finish ..
we'll put em all together tomorrow ..
lots of pieces  ...
and there was one more project for a surprise birthday present that i can't post yet.
more on that after the fact ..  

january was  a good and productive month!

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