Thursday, October 28, 2010

Niche Market

Sam and Will took a truckload of our latest niche product, the Wagatha dog treat rack, to town today. There were 75 of the bag racks, 25 more to go, and Trevor made 10 of the bulk biscuit racks below. The client thinks he can get us more work like this if we're interested and he actually has a third compact counter top display design in mind. We're working on that ... It's interesting work from a design and engineering standpoint but I would hate to burn Trevor out with the mass production thing ... Once you figure it out, it's time for a new challenge ... The racks assemble with hooks and by sliding, the tolerances being crucial to the process. but, once they're together, they are amazingly strong and rigid ... I don't have a picture of a rack fully loaded with bags and graphics yet, but I think it will look sharp ... Lots of pieces the photos to enlarge them ...
75 rack times 4 = 300 shelves right off the cnc
Only half the backs
Ten of the bulk racks, ready to go ... we'll be posting an assembly video online shortly ... Trevor really got the intricate joinery worked out perfectly ... He gets a gold star ...
The original prototype.

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Jason Herrick said...

This is GREAT! :) PLEASE tell me you have some form of a CNC machine to assist.