Friday, January 11, 2013

a custom round cherry dining table

we finished this 42" round cherry pedestal table today.  it's a smaller, simpler table than its inspiration in the photo below.  we made that one, which opened up and had three leaves in the early 2000's.  this client eliminated the painted details and simplified the inlay design, but it's still a handsome piece.  click the photos to enlarge them.
this is a better photo, taken with better light and a professional background paper.

another inspiration piece.  this table we made back in 2008
the natural cherry and maple burl table, before the finish
the pedestal 'propeller' is three layers of plywood, veneered with 1/16th inch cherry veneer, applied using a male/female form and veneer bag.
the pedestal is 8 separate pieces glued up using our trusty jorgensen band clamps
trevor did the inlay with 6 triangles in the central element and a bunch of small pieces that create the borders.

you can see the apron in the background of this photo, early in the finish process.  it's eight pieces of a circle, cut from 8/4, and joined with festool dominos, glue, and pocket screws.  there is also a 5/16ths slightly offset and overlapping bead on the bottom edge of the apron.


Kim L. said...

Beautiful table! I love the details.

Dining Room Furniture Sets said...

What a beautiful dining room table. love it!