Monday, January 28, 2013

a really old friend

now this piece is what you would call a REALLY old friend.  i actually made this cherry and ash piece, according to the client, in 1980, my first full year in the custom furniture business.  the client was a friend who started and owned a successful art gallery and custom framing business at the time.  the design of the doors is actually taken from one of his most successful frame designs.  originally, there were two shelves above it, but the second one was crowded out in the bar's most recent home by what i believe is a striking gunter korus oil.  click the photos to enlarge them.
i don't remember the origin of the carved drawer pull detail, but i remember it being a challenge to cut those faces out of the top frame board to make the grain continuos.
this view shows more clearly the finger jointed slate frame for the well cared for black slate, and the hand carved backsplash detail
drawer detail with funky dovetails ...
a view of the interior of the cabinet.  i actually remember making the jig to create the 'box corner' detail on the v shaped pieces.  i think the ends of the 'vs' slid into angled slots in the sides of the wine rack.
this piece is actually for sale.  the client is now in his late 70s and intends to downsize to a new home in the spring and he's editing his extensive holdings.  he told me last week he 'hasn;t had a drink in 27 years' and his 'daughters house is too small' so it is on the block at a VERY reasonable price.  way less than i would build it for again now.  if you are at all interested, please contact me at 802-867-5541 for details.
thanks! it's a great piece.  if i had a place for it, i would consider buying it myself !

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Jeff Branch said...

Cool design, nice proportions and I like the rounded corners to the panels and the molding detail at the top.