Friday, January 4, 2013

helen day arts center show

we'll be showing, along with other members of the guild of vermont furniture makers, at the helen day art center in a show that opens on the 18th of january, and runs through the 14th of april.  we'll have 6 of our ladderback chairs  below, with the table above.  stowe is a powerful tourist/ski area in northern vermont, and we already have some new, and old, customers in that area.  it should be a good show. click the photos to enlarge them ...
the chairs are ready to go ... 
 update 1/13

i dropped off our table and chairs at helen day yesterday and went to meet with one of my new stowe clients to make a template for a spark screen that sam will be making for an outdoor firepit at their home there.

i had to dig for a little bit to uncover it, but i think i got it ...
and i also got to see the house in its finished form, including the cushion on the curved, fitted bench we made at the top of the three story circular stairway..

we also previously made a hanging swing, which was fun, and a couple of other tables, including the main dining table
and in other news, (back to thhe january 4, post) the table below, another in our niche of big claro walnut slab tables, will be leaving for dallas, texas next week sometime.  it's a great looking slab with nice grain and a powerful presence.


it had an interesting flaw that went completely through the slab and was about 3/4 of an inch wide at its widest point once the loose bark inclusion fell out. 

we filled it with our usual stuff and added a little color with some oil soluble aniline dyes from lockwood.

all good ... ready for the legs and the finish
maybelle approves !

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