Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a small chest of drawers

willl delivered this little piece to shelburne yesterday.  right on lake champlain.  a beautiful house in a beautiful spot.  it's a smallish, 7 drawer chest, with sidehung dovetail drawers, felt on the drawer bottoms, and removable low dividers in each drawer.  i think the form is also called a 'lingerie cabinet' and this one will be located in the client's bathroom.  click the photos to enlarge them.
 the construction was straightforward.  a ply case with drawer runners routed into it, and solid wood sides, top, and face frame.  the back is a piece of 1/2" plywood, painted on the outside.
  standard issue, quartered white pine dovetailed drawers ..
walnut divider grids, with hardware selected by the designer of the piece, michelle holland, an interior designer we have often worked with in the past.

the finish was clear m.l. campbell magnamax lacquer (a nod to the possible moisture in the bath).  a sweet little piece.


Kim L. said...

A beautiful chest! I adore the small dividers in the draws which makes it great for organizing and storing small items like jewelry, etc. Would love to have one of those in my own bathroom.

Roger said...

Very nice sir, How did you attach the walnut to the plywood case? Do you think there will be any problem with wood movement?

Furniture Installer said...

Yes these are cool chest I really liked all.

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

for roger .. we attached the walnut sides using screws in oversize holes from the inside of the plywood case. this allows the solid wood sides to expand and contract with all the moven=ment confined to the back of the side as the sides are glued to the face frames in front .. hope that explanation helps ... dan

teakmodern said...

beautiful color chest of 7 drawer. drawer work properly with midle rail of drawer?

chris mann said...

Really nice work, like always. But I'm wondering why you built a case w/in a case. Do you find that simpler than screwing the drawer runners to the case w/ slotted screws.

I've always wondered if you should take the same approach with metal drawer slides?