Sunday, January 19, 2014

another custom pool table

well, there's not much to add in this blog post as it's pretty much the exact same table as the one below, featured in this post from last december.  i do like the dark green felt and the curly maple rails, but otherwise, there's not much to add.  thanks again to my favorite fine woodworking pool table article.

we used the same types  of beams and blinds from the same supplier as last year ..
and the construction was pretty much identical ..
clickthe photos to enlarge them
 dark green simonis cloth
the set up was straightforward and it played exactly like the last one .. 
as you can see from the table in action video,
i think i missed a few more shots this time, but on the whole, 
the speed, sound and cushion action was identical to last year's edition.
below are a few other 'pool table in action' videos starring yours truly, who is
not quite as sharp as he used to be ...

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