Tuesday, January 14, 2014

what kind of custom dining tables do you make?

someone, i forget who, asked me over the holidays, 'so what type of furniture do you make most often'?  my answer was 'dining tables'.  a lot of our projects take longer and require a lot more concentration, organization and problem solving, but i'm fairly confidant if you asked my guys what their favorite type of project was, you'd get the same answer.  'dining tables'.  one of the reasons may be is the flow of them.  you start. not that long later, you finish.  they leave. you know people will have good times around them ...next project ...
  how many different tables have we made over the last 34 years?  more than a hundred for sure.  i put this slide show together as much for my own convenience, so i can find a picture of a table that is not on my website when i want it, and also so folks can see the different styles we work in.  this is certainly not all of the tables we have made, but it does cover some stylistic ground, from high traditional, to contemporary slabs.  click any photo at the link above to start the show, and enjoy your tour.  a few of the highlights are directly below.

some have carved details
some are very traditional
some are made from one slab of wood, in this case bubinga
and some have inlays and specific stylistic details ..

anyway, there are many different tables in the slide show, and we're always on the lookout for new opportunities to stretch our design legs .. send us your ideas and we'll have at it ..

ps ... i'm working on getting links from the photos to the blog posts, but it will probably be a while before i finish that part of the show .. enjoy!

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