Wednesday, January 8, 2014

back to work

we'll ok .. it's the new year, and we're back at work, and from the looks of it here, we're pretty busy.  luckily, the last few days things have kind of come into focus and under control ... a little new year miracle, compared to the last couple weeks of 2013.  click the photos to enlarge them.
trevor seems to have the 12' cherry cabinet details mostly complete, and we'll be doing some preinstallation recon work on site tomorrow or friday.  it's always nice to check the floors for level and the walls for plumb when you are installing a major piece in an older house.  well, first we have to finish the piece, but as soon as everything else here leaves, we'll be on that ...
it should be ready for finish after tomorrow.  next week after the other stuff leaves
the pool table is finished now that will has felted the rails below .. the felt is simonis, dark green and i believe it's the first time we have used that color .. like it.
and for above the table ..
we're working on this light, assisted by authentic designs, up the road in rupert .. 
it's nina mooney, the designer's concept, and i think it's going to be cool ...
we had to do some creative cutting, drilling, tapping, and epoxy work,  but i think we've got it.
photoshopped concept by nina here

and in the pool table photo above, you can see the model for the table in the drawing below.  it will be made from recycled chestnut and we should be starting the joinery tomorrow sometime.
and the benches below go with 8,  30 x 36" quartered oak table tops we finished on  monday.

the commercial pedestals are on site, and hopefully we'll install them next week with the 
pool table, the benches, and the dining table below.
we're using a fine (new to us) polyurethane varnish.  it's by a company called lenmar, which has been recently purchased by benjamin moore.  we used a coat of gloss as a base and applied two coats of satin on top with a 3" foam brush.  flowed out like it was sprayed.  i'm going to go out on limb and recommend it ... not something i usually do, but i like it as a finish.
this is another project for the hill farm inn, a rehab of a venerable bed
and breakfast down the road in sunderland.
there was concern that the antlers on the deer from the logo inlay
 would disappear if we left them in the burl.  sooo.
there was an antler that sam found in the woods rattling around, 
and trevor made some 'antler antlers'.  fun.
and we moved the mill from the old metal shop
 to the new one thanks to the help of our friend malcolm cooper, president and owner of jk adams
and his new company peace street rigging ... any excuse to use one of his tractors.
 the mill is happy to be back in a heated space ...
 sam's busy in the new metal shop .. knocking out a few projects before 
starting on a new big one next week
this coffee steel table base going to san francisco
and this one will be a base for a new claro walnut slab table we'll be building from the slab below.

it's going to be a nice one.  there's some good figure lurking in there

all for now ..


mckenzie said...

I like the size of your tape ball. A years progress of edge taping?


Dorset Custom Furniture said...

hi mckenzie .. probably not quite a year. trevor was inspired by one a guy made who worked for me for about 6 years. it was about basketball size with a flat spot, and he took it with him when he moved to poughkeepsie. he sais it gained 20% in weight during this project. he did the math and it's about 20 rolls of tape.