Friday, January 31, 2014

new van !!

i drove my faithful 2006 town and country 15 miles up the road today to zappones chrysler dodge dealers in granville, new york for its 'last ride'.  with me, anyway.  it's certainly still got some good miles in it, but i'm going to let someone else enjoy them .. i bought it in october of 2006.  it needs a little work now, but it still has it's original shocks and muffler after 97,000 miles.  it's been a faithful, low cost, reliable and comfortable companion, and i actually felt a little sad going up the valley this afternoon.  this is my fourth, no 5th, soccer mom mobile, (87,94,2002,2006,2014), and you just can't beat them for hauling stuff around under cover ... plus it's a smooth and quiet car like ride.  good luck old friend.
 i think i'll get over it pretty quickly .. the new one has that new car smell, the CLEAN windows and seats, the spiffy new sound system controls on the the steering wheel, and some other stuff i don't know
how to work yet, like the 'connectivity' whatever that is ... on we go ..
take a picture now.  it'll never look better ...

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