Saturday, December 5, 2015

a patchwork chest

well, chris and i finished up an interesting claro walnut patchwork chest this week.
we had a little help on the snakeskin and leather from isaiah mccaulliffe and his crew
at bespoke custom upholstery in manchester, vt .. the python was from edelman leather and the 
brown bomber jacket complement was from universal leather.

inside was northeast aromatic cedar paneling, planed thin to balance the veneered panels

we started with the cad drawing and a steel base by sam

and then we made a pile of shop sawn veneers from the various slab cutoffs we keep on hand
and worked our way through the process.  first step is to cut the veneers to shape and
temporarily tape them together with masking tape while we fit the pieces to each other.

 then the masking tape is replaced with veneer tape which is more easily removed
from the panel faces after they come out of the veneer bag.
once you've got the four panels cut to width and mitered, the next step is to glue up
the box.  in this case, we glued mitered clamping cauls to the faces of the panels with
brown paper bag strips to hold them to the panels while we (gently) clamped them together.
as i recall, we glued first the two opposite corners, let them sit, then finished up with the 
other two corners once the first pair were set.
we used the base as the reference for square and kept the pieces vertical with the L shaped 
supports to keep the panels plumb and square ... we also clamped in a temporary 
bottom of melamine to keep the case square.
once the corners were glued up, we knocked off the temporary cauls and
sanded off the paper bag remnants ... this trick works slick for tall miters.
glowing in the sun in the finish room

delivery to the client next week ... should be fun ... 


Tom A. Pratt said...

Love the raw look of this piece. This would look great in my room where
I can store my throw pillows in the morning. Thanks for sharing this. Good job!

Rick said...

A beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing your talent in progress.