Monday, December 28, 2015

a spalted maple table top

just before christmas, we delivered this spalted maple table top made from a few planks of
this log of spalted maple i had online
based on the client's existing glass top table that came with the house,
he requested a 52" x 115" table top. 
the log was 10' long, but there were some 'soft spots' on the
ends of the planks that needed some attention, and in some cases,
some inlays to make them work ..
after a bit of wrestling with skilsaws, straight edges, routers, and jointers,
we got the planks glued up and ready to scrape and sand.
there were two existing pedestals supporting the existing 1" glass top, and they were 
tiled into the floor and for sure not going anywhere
after adding some 1 x 3" steel tubing stiffeners, we took the cardboard patterns that 
the client made for us, along with his measurements, and routed the bottom of the top 
until there was an inch of wood remaining, same as the glass.
we then added some 1.5" angle iron with tapped holes and 5/16ths bolts
to clamp the top to the tiled bases.
  trevor added the contrasting claro walnut 'patches', along with a couple cans of 
minwax wood hardener, a product i would highly recommend if you've 
got some punky spots in your wood.  it's some kind of epoxy that firms everything 
up nicely and does not show discoloration under a clear finish ...
the finished inlays
and we squared off the corner where the log was notched for felling
good to go ...
and we also made three 'trays' from another plank from the log.
and those will be flanked on both sides by custom cushions at a later date ...
we still have a few long planks and about 8 short coffee table planks available for other projects.
great looking wood ....

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