Thursday, December 10, 2015

a round expanding dining table with a leaf

the 'black' walnut tables roll on ... i think this is our 4th or 5th in the last
couple years.  this one is a variation on our' midcentury modern' style, only with a more open,
stationary pedestal, rather than a two part moving one in the photo below.
we made this design in july of 2014
of the same genre, there is also this design, from march of 2014
as usual, we started with some nice matched walnut from our friends at irion lumber.
both the earlier and the current cad drawings here

the equalizing runners we used on this table were from osburne manufacturing
base with the sub top, on which the runners are mounted.  
patchwork veneered top frame for the python chest on the sub top there.
trevor cut the halves, the base pieces and the aprons on the cnc, but
all those processes could be just as easily done by hand .. it might take much longer,
but the operations are standard for most woodshops.
here's trevor checking the runner mounting.  this hardware actually worked very smoothly.
ready for finish above, with one 20" leaf.  add the adam brown mahogany water stain and
a three coats of lenmar poly, and it left for virginia on tuesday.

fun project with a new designer client from the d.c. area ...
this just in ....

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