Monday, December 14, 2015

a base for a glass topped table

interesting request here .. the client needed 'just the base' of a table like the one below
to support a new glass top for a custom banquette in their home .
click the photos to enlarge them ...
we've done several versions of this design
and i just had to adapt the dimension to their floor plan shown below

we made a quick model with a plexiglass top
got the approval and i passed it on to trevor, who has become our specialist in
creating these unusual table bases.
he has worked out the engineering for the jigs and joinery cutting ...
looks scary maybe to some, but it's actually very safe the way he has set it up

and he has figured out the gluing up .. glue two halves together, one at a time,
 then glue the two pairs together
don't forget to add the dowels that are engaged by the lag bolts that hold the base
very securely to the arcing supports ...
check it for level .. pretty good
and send it off to florida on the southbound ... 
all good!

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