Monday, September 4, 2017

a calro walnut island top

we installed a claro walnut slab island top on friday, 
just in time for the labor day weekend
another beautiful slab from goodhope hardwoods in kemblesville, pa.
 in the rough, with measurements
in the shop with a layout to size chalked on .. 
one live edge, one straight one
final cuts
this is our first look at the figure in the smoothed slab
and in case you are wondering what it takes to smooth one of these slabs, 
it takes about a bag and a half of shavings to get one this size smooth
we had a finish problem on this one .. aliens .. too hot? too cool?
too sunny? not sanded enough?  bad can of varnish? who knows? ...
trevor made short work of it though, and below is the slab in the sun,
ready to roll friday ..
everyone's happy!

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