Tuesday, September 26, 2017

a claro walnut slab desk

we put this one all together for the first time today .. 
set up the cardboard and got lucky with the lighting.  i rarely get it this good.
it's been in the works for a while, and now it could be leaving as soon as tomorrow ..
two drawers, some secret compartments and a beautiful piece of claro walnut.
you can follow the process below.
we started with the claro slab that's been on the wall of the finish room for a while,
waiting for exactly the right client to come along ... in the end we 
angled the end cuts in a bit and skipped the horizontal cuts as unnecessary ..
 next up was a 1/8th scale model
with photos from two different angles
we put the cad drawing on the bottom of the model so we could build it accurately
steel parts were next and a full size layout on the bottom of the slab
and sam was slammed with deadlines in the metal shop, so trevor made 
the steel pieces and sam welded them up ..
all together now
except for the secret compartments, which will remain secret, all for now.
possibly some on site photos after the delivery ...

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