Friday, September 15, 2017

a nice repair

sweet little desk top in the shop for a tune up .. 
the tambour door on the right was in two pieces and of course,
would not come out of the case except if we removed the back of the cabinet.
                             like this .. lots of rusty and old different kinds of nails holding it on
the canvas backing was split on one of the five door parts
and when we removed it, there was some old newspaper too
for some reason ??
                                               hard to date it .. might be the twenties or 30s
we put a new piece of  canvas on the pieces with sandbags for weights 
because the door had a sections that was curved at the far end ..
aside from this proper family protrait we found inside,
there is an interesting thing happening with this cabinet ... 
an acquaintance called asking me to fix it a few weeks ago .. i definitely
know the person, but i didn't write anything down like the name or
number at the time since they said they would be dropping it off.  so, i went
off to golf last friday and there was this desk top sitting on a bench 
in the shop on saturday morning.
when the boys came in monday morning i asked whose it was and they said
someone's brother, with out of state plates, dropped it off and when trevor went 
to talk to him after he carried it into the shop, the gentleman was already driving away .. 
anyone recognize this?  i need some help here ..

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