Wednesday, February 28, 2018

cool cocktail table

ok, we recently pulled off a surprise birthday present for a friend for his wife.
they live in boston and had a really big gingko tree in their yard when they
bought the house.  over time, it took sick and they called in the local 'gingko experts' who gave them strategies to keep it alive, but eventually, they lost the battle, and had to take it down.
apparently, it was one of the oldest and largest gingkos in boston ..
the tree guys cut a few 'cookies' for the owners and they
 were stacked in the garage for a few years to 'dry' ..

a month or so in the finish room where they actually 'dried'
produced a nice, interesting crack from the center out ..
we added some walnut butterflies and a walnut base
and we were good to go ..
interesting wood .. love the bark!
 'dinosaur skin' according to one viewer
and a nice note from the client below ...

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