Monday, February 26, 2018

live edge walnut bookcases

we sent some bookcase to the great midwest earlier this month. live edge walnut tops,
fine irion walnut case pieces and edge and center bead fir backs ...

it was a fun project with a long time client ... the bookcases are gonna have a nice view!
we first considered backless cases with metal bracing

but ended up with the nice fir backs
i have had this pair of boards for a long time and this was the
PERFECT project for them .. didn't waste an inch ...
it took a minute to figure out the construction joinery, but since the client was looking
for 'quick and easy' (hah!) we were able to simplify things with cleats and dominos,
some plugged screw holes in the top, and a little strategic glue on assembly
lots of pieces
center shelves are adjustable from 12 to 15

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