Tuesday, February 27, 2018

maple slab stuff

this project started out as just a table and i first mentioned it in a post back in january

when it was finished and delivered to a 3rd floor penthouse in the south,
i thought it would be good to have all the picturess in one post .. here goes ..

great figure in these maple slabs, and the client requested steel butterflies!
nice touch!
while the varnish was wet ...

simple steel tube base by sam ...
as you can see in the drawing below,  the butterflies we a little more
involved than usual with threaded rods going all the way through the slab

half inch thick, 3/8ths threaded stainless rods
that was the table .. how we got to build the desk was the first slab 
arrived with a pretty good chunk lost on the way .. no one knows
where it went ... but my supplier got a damage credit and i got a 
break on the price, and the client needed a desk ... win, win, win ...
we still got 90 inches out of it and room for two more steel butterflies
great figure in this one too ...

we went back and forth on the layout for the wire management
and the grommet and the drawer ...

all good in the end

i was making a bench for another client, and mentioned it and we added one of those too ...

in place
in transit .. crane to the the third floor

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