Friday, February 16, 2018

art, art, art, art

lots of art in manchester tomorrow !!  you can do all four events and make an afternoon of it
i'll be at startspace chatting about my paintings and sculpture from 4 to 6 ...

you can start at three pears gallery in downtown dorset, from 1 to 4
great stuff there!
always lots to see at
helmholz fine art in manchester from 3 to 5! 
i have two claro walnut pieces there ..

i'll be stopping in quickly there around 3:30,
and then hanging across the street at startspace from 4 to 6
                                      after that, i'll hit tilting at windmills, just up the street for a few minutes
                                                   to wrap it all up and make a full day of it ..

other start space artists below

i just dropped this 'unfinished' slab at the gallery there today ... 
it is on a temporary base, and is looking for someone with an idea ...
it's about 30" wide by 8'8" long 
coffee table? desk? console? countertop? library work table?
what do you need?

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