Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tomb 10 A .. The Show

On my way to the Egyptian show I passed by this David Smith sculpture, one of his 'Cubis' series. Sam and I had seen his exhibition at the Guggenheim a couple of years ago and he has been an inspiration since ... Click the photos to enlarge them ,,,

Great sculptor, good welder too ...
Nice banner for the show
Into the show itself ... An almost life size carving at the entrance to a display of his and his wife's burial vaults ...
The door is so the dead can see the sun rise ... I highly recommend the audio tour
Box in a box in a box
All interior surfaces were covered with carefully painted symbolic details ...
Along with some hammered gold and lapis lazuli jewelry ...
Then there are THE BOATS ... They were found in a jumble left by tomb raiders and carefully restored and reassembled after considerable research and study by a team of obviously very patient people.
And there were a lot of boats
Each with incredible detail
A little more jewelry ... more stones and hammered gold
And then I was off to the Oriental furnishings and artifacts .. I have more photos. stay tuned ..

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handcrafted furniture said...

I love the Egyptian different from the traditional styles and yet so fascinating.They look ecstatic to me.