Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Artist In HIs Studio

I took a client and his father to visit my friend Horst, the painter, last week. Horst is my former neighbor from Red Mountain Road in Arlington. He is a long time stained glass worker, and retired psychologist turned abstract painter. We photograph and try to sell his paintings for him. You can see some of them on my website here,

But, that's not the point of this post ... The point is, how a space can reflect an artist's personality. and, how the quality of that space can contribute to and enhance the artistic process. We should all be so lucky to have a large space and the time to organize it. It's a constant struggle here, but knowing Horst and my friend Sam Ogden who I wrote about last year, I know the importance of a clean, well lighted place to work and know that the struggle is worth it, both for me, and for the four other people who work with me .... Here's a short tour of Horst's workshop and his work .... Enjoy ... Click the photos to enlarge them.

I got to sit in the throne

Horst (on the right), my client and his father exchange a few words in Spanish

Horst is also known for his stained glass work ...

This one's called 'Property Map' His land is the pink pieces

This is a totally awesome piece ... +/- 55" x 55" depicting a famous Aztec battle scene ... Hard to photograph .... I can never captuire the beauty and fabulousness of the geometric borders

And we all need zebra piano

And a barber chair

And we should certainlymake our own light fixtures ....

The book above, by Alexander Liberman, has been influential in shaping my various workspaces over the years ... First published in 1960 and reprinted in 1988, I got my copy in 1989. Full of pictures of the great painters and sculptors of the early 20th century in their workspaces. Cover shot is of Georges Braque. It's really the beginning of this post ...

more horst paintings below ....

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Jeff Branch said...

Interesting post. As I photograph projects in my basement workshop, I have already begun to think about ways of making it a more creative place, but I don't think it will include anything resembling a zebra :). Cool photo of the Aztec battle scene.