Monday, November 20, 2017

10 years of blogging

well, here we are .. hard to believe that 10 years and 852 blog posts have gone by, 
but, they have ... will got me started back in 2007, and i have been at it more or less
steadily since .. my peak writing years seem to have passed, but i do still keep at, a post here, 
a flurry of posts there, one or two that month, but still at it.  
it helps me think about what it is i do most days ...
for a quick overview of what i typically say in november, i refer you to this post
entitled '3 years of writing'  ... a history there with photos from the very early 70's.
hard to believe i been building stuff for 45 years ... pull up a chair; enjoy your tour .. 
or drift off and do something else .. i'll never know .. whatever ...
here we are today, or as it were, last week.  not woodworking,
but more along the lines of other stuff i do when i'm not working.
if i wrote only about woodworking, i'd lose my mind, so there are quite a 
few 'nature' posts, some 'what i'm reading' posts, categories of 'sam's work', 
and 'will's banjos', and probably the heart of it all
'the slide shows' ...
you may have to be logged in to google to view them ..
seriously, there are THOUSANDS of photos of our work there, and
when working with clients, i refer to that section time after time.
click any image to start the show, and click through the rest of them as 
fast as you can hit the arrow key.
so here's the blog tour/history .. click the photos to enlarge them ...
you've got your slide shows, your popular posts, your archive, and your video tour 
and your visitor history below ...
644,000 + total sessions,  2,345,000+ page views and 378,000 users
kinda humbling when you add it all up ... 
852 published posts, (140 some unfinished or drafts)
and a couple recent ones in the works ..
my most popular post on steel table bases has been view over 30,000 times
and at least some posts have been viewed by people in 216 countries
 us, canada, uk, france, etc. you might expect ..
but yemen? afganistan? sudan?
power of the internet ...

as my ex neighbor, the late tom brennan, used to say:
"just keep everlastingly at it."

will do tom.  thanks to my clients and to readers, and thanks for the platform google ..
it ain't shakespeare, but i bet it's at least as long as war and peace.
happy thanksgiving ...

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