Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fixing a family heirloom

another save on the antique repairs and restoration front
this one is a family piece in rosewood and satinwood and i am guessing
18th or early 19th century, french or italian ..
hand sawn veneers, minimal interior gallery work, 
butoverall, definitely a piece worthy of a longer life ..
it'll be good for a while now for sure

@mrwhiskers chris bowlen did most of the work on this one, and he
did a beautiful job piecing back the flaking veneer
it looked not too bad at first glance, but on second glance, 
the veneer just flaked right off
fortunately, the owners were diligent about picking up the pieces,
and we only had to make 2 or three new ones ..
ittook a lot of tape to make it right
a little soap and water, a little wax and out the door ..
as usual, it felt good to make a worthy piece whole again ...