Monday, November 13, 2017

dan's painting's ... a woodworker does color

ok ... i've been fooling around with this stuff
now for a couple years and i am ready to let it out of the bag ...
i like color!  
woodworking, there's not so much.  you've got
your different woods, your lights and your darks, your curlies
and your burls and other oddities, but the tones are earthy, and after a while,
they sort of blend and you find yourself fussing with subtle variations of brown
over and over and over.  red brown, green brown, light brown, dark brown ...
where are the cadmium reds and oranges, the cerulean blues?
you can't find them in the wood pile ...
so, off to the right there is a new page with a link to a slideshow
of my paintings, only some of which are shown here.  you can see all of them
at this link  i've got a million of em ...
trust me, this is just the beginning.  i am inspired not only
by my friend horst , a multidisciplined creator if ever there was one, but also by reading recently
on the mid century americans, motherwell, johns, diebenkorn, krasner, frankenthaler, o'keefe ...
you get the idea ... 
i plan to add to this post, which will also be accessible from the 'dan's paintings' page 
once it leaves 'home'
enjoy, comment, criticize ... i am open to your thoughts ..

ps .. it looks like you may have to sign into your google account to view the slideshow
ever since they ditched picasa, i have been having trouble sharing new slide shows
my sincere apologies ... 

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