Tuesday, November 7, 2017

a kas style tv cabinet ... from the archives

one from the archives here ... 
i had a request yesterday for info on this cabinet that is on the internet
with my name on it somewhere ... that led me to look for the original
photos from, as it turns out, 2004.  i got my new olympus e-3 around then
and loved taking fine digital photos with it .. these have all been reduced to 
about a third of their original pixels, but they still look good ... 
it was a big effort of nearly 400 man hours ...
back when a big tv was a big tv
an interior shot as things took shape ... a little fuzzy ...
ready for the finish .. this design was inspired by a photo
on the cover of a sotheby's auction catalog from the late 90s ...
the never ending cornice project
how we sometimes signed the big ones
tah dahhhh ... and, over and out  ..
and that's a brunswick style pool table we made in 2003

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