Monday, November 13, 2017

one of our most popular designs

we finished and delivered another version of one of our popular
mid century modern expanding round tables .. we've made at least 6 or 8
or even more of this design in various sizes and color shades of walnut.
this one was a 60" round with three 20 inch leaves
making for a 5' x 10' table when fully extended ..
as usual, we started with a log of walnut from irion lumber in PA,
though this is not a picture of it ... it looked  kind of like this thougg the
boards were all the same length and there were several bookmatches to chose from
my man trevor had at it, vuutting the top, the beveled aprons, and
the base pieces on the cnc ..

generic cad drawing for this design ... just add leaves
steel table runners from moin hardware
same finish as this table

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