Monday, November 13, 2017

some brass feet ... contractor services

being that we have accumulated many skills over the years, and like to keep busy, 
we often find ourselves doing work for other makers ..
builders, upholsterers, antique dealers, contractors ... we're open to your ideas
this client is a millwork, cabinet, and furniture shop in massachusetts,
and both our shop and theirs do work for the same boston and cape cod designers.
this project involved fabricating four 1" thick solid brass feet to cap 
the ends of the x shaped legs on a desk they were building
the legs were (conveniently) on a 45 degree angle so we
made some fir mockups, cut the brass, drilled and flushed it up,
polished it a bit and box em up

we got these photos of the finished piece last week ..
all in, all good ...

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