Saturday, July 17, 2021

a live edge table

 we delivered this interesting live edge table a few weeks ago 

it was made from a bookmatched pair of slabs from berkshire products

the clients decided to use the extra length on the slabs for the base and 
i had some spalted maple on hand from a previous project. 
the table was 8' long, and the slabs were almost 11'

straighteneing and gluing the pair of 20 " wide 
8' slabs was a bit of a wrestling match
but we got it eventually

all in, all done ... the clients were happy and aactually went back to berkshire and 
purchased another slab for their breakfast area ... one good deed leads to another

Thursday, July 15, 2021

some more ladderbacks

 we delivered this table to the clients in december of 2016,
and they recently ordered 6 of our ladderback chairs to go with it ... 
fortunately, we made 6 of these recently in novemeber of 2020, 
and we still remembered how
essentially, you start with a bunch of walnut,
make some parts, fire up the cnc and have at it.
over the  years we have made several hundred of these
and we recently converted the files from our old cad/cam
to our new program ... tricky, but, manageable
at some point in the past, we decided to make the mdf seat blanks
which are way faster and way stronger than individual glue blocks
in the corners .. dominoed, glued, pocket screwed, and added
as the front legs and stretchers are glued to the back leg assemblies.
male up some seat blanks for the leather and drop them off at
bespoke upholstery in manchester, vermont. and 
we're all set ... off to see the wizard ... 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

slide shows june 15th 2021

here is a link to the updated slide show page on my blog

that link will take you to a page on my blog where there 

are 18 separate slide shows, some with over a hundred photos in them, 
that you can click throughto see work completed from 2009 to 2017 
as well as images from mypre blog portfolios. ... maybe 50 live edge tables,
 our cnc work, etc. ...  ... if when you click on an individual image

to enlarge it, it seems small, try hitting control plus until the image

seems the right size.  the images should stay that size as you click through them.


i lost access to these slide shows when google discontinued picasa in 2018,

but thanks to my computer guru, dean darling, they are now back in action ...

some of the slideshows, like the dining tables, have non working links in the 

lower left corner relating to a blog post about that particular table 

the links don't actually work, they tell you the date of the blog post 

or what to enter in the search box, which is on the home page of the blog
ENJOY!  lots to see here ...


181 photos in this one

67 photos

192 photos
204 pictures
192 photos
160 photos
wow! 292 photos in this one
248 items
209 photos here
132 photos
246 pictures
129 items
85 photos ... i've got another 50 or so to add, plus i need to make slideshows 
for 2018,19, and 20, and go back and visit 2007 and 2008 .... 
it's kind of hard to believe we did all this stuff ... 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

a few things from the last four months

been working, been busy, but i haven't been writing much this year ...too busy, almost ... here are a few projects from the recent past ... more later

we made a figured cherry bureau, based on one i made in 1988.
surprisingly, i found the original full size drawing in my "archives"
aka, the cellar of the shop

we used some nice figured cherry from our friends at irion lumber in pennsylvania
another version of this design from about 1991
nice cherry!
and a tricky edge inlay i didn't really remember how to do
figured it out eventually though
 looked good when it was finished ... 
just like the original, only with a slick edge inlay 
and a 52" round walnut table that we sent to washington, DC
new design, based roughly on one of our more popular mid century designs
it was actually a slight variation on the design above, which we have made 
at least a half dozen times
essentially, the clients wanted me to invert the base elements,
make a thicker top, and recess the angled aprons
which caused a little head scratching as the aprons hold the top flat,
we had to add a center stiffener and rout the runners into
the bottom of the top by 3/4 of an inch
getting the base to close accurately was a bit  fussy too
but all's well that ends well, though this new design was complicated ...
and we did some interesting repairs to two Victorian era pieces
a couple highlights below
not quite a basket case, but almost
it required fabricating some new dowel joints and some seriously tricky clamping
and three new turned doodads  ...
i am not sure what the technical term is .. drops?
a worthy project i'd say ... it's ready for another hundred now ...
here's the other repair
it had a truly lovely piece of cracked formica on the top when it arrived
and a missing doodad that was fun to reproduce

and we had to get a nice fitted piece of gold tooled leather from 
DCT leathers in toroton canada .. we sent them a pattern and they did a great job
fired up the wallpaper paste and stuck it down ..
back home now ...

we also made a base for a slab of walnut that the client purchased and
had finished in texas.   it was shippped to their dorset home
and we got to make the base with 3 drawers that you see below.
front side, box and runners
back side ...
on site, waiting for the computers and printers ...
more to come soon ...