Tuesday, January 31, 2023

some other recent pieces ready to go ...

in an effort to 'clean house' a bit, below are some pieces for sale,
ready to go, for immediate delivery .. 
the 52" round table below has a bit of history ..
it can be characterized as 'very slightly used'.

the top of the table above was once in a law firm in new jersey 
you can see it in the photo below ...
several months after they received the 52" table they asked if 
i could replace the top with a 60" round, which we did ...
they asked for a 'credit' for the existing top, which i sort of
grudgingly granted.  my delivery guys installed the new top
and returned the original to me in 2018, and it has sat, 
wrapped up in my office, ever since ...
last year we made this round expanding table, 
and as we got underway, the client requested
a change in the design of the base that you can see above ...
we had already made the base pieces so they went into the office
with the 'reclaimed' top ... they are now the base for this new table ...
 priced below the cost of new,
email, text or call me at 802-379-1478 to discuss ... 
here's another, a claro walnut, cut off, coffee table, 
28 x 46 x 18 high (adjustable), could be lowered ...
in the rough, with a pocket for the butterfly
nice figure!
this coffe table was made from one of thee these two cutoffs that
have been hanging out here for at least a couple of years
i found another nice curly claro cutoff in the cellar from 
which we were just able to get the four legs ...
the cutoff in the back of these two became the table below ..
+/- 38 wide x 40 long x 16 high claro walnut 'corner' table
we were going to cut a 30" round from it, but we decided
it might be a cool accent for the right situation.
the steel trapezoid base pieces came from a gallery table that 
a client purchased, but requested that we make that table 'taller' ..
a 'corner' application below ... the straight sides are +/- 22"
the lounge chairs are about 36" deep ...
and below, i updated my 'paintings for sale'
at The Coffee Bar, junction of routes 7 and 9
in downtown Bennington ... lots of art for sale there!
'my corner'
some of the other art, and the live music stage
great place! loads to see there!
and lastly, we still have this claro walnut desk that is looking for
a good home .. it is in a gallery in manchester now, but i have informed
the owner that i am trying to sell it on my own ......
 a claro walnut desk, with a drawer and a 
secret compartment .. steel base by sam .. +/- 44 x 70.

beautiful color and figure in the desk top
call or text for a price ... 
all for now ...

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

A new set of ladderback chairs, and a trestle table to match

I should start by introducing myself as Kit and Dan's nephew Kristian Moore

I have been working in the dorset custom furniture shop for the last four years and am excited to be writing my first blog post. Thank you Dan, for creating such a vast depository of custom furniture, art, and life!

For this most recent custom order of ladderback chairs the clients requested a taller back with more space between backsplats. After a few design changes and reprogramming we started cutting out parts on the CNC.

our traditional ladderback on the left, and the new design on the right

back legs and mortices cut with the cnc

Every time I build chairs I am surprised by the amount of time they take! Lots of parts and pieces to mill, each piece with mortises of tenons to cut, and lots of sanding…

Once assembled they get a once over before the staining begins. For this set of chairs the client wanted a near black finish, so we used three coats aniline dye, black, brown, and black again before having our neighbor Kevin spray a dull finish on everything.

For this project I gained some experience doing the upholstery. Using a ½” plywood seat blank I added three layers of batting for the cushion before applying this distressed cowhide. The upholstery was a new challenge for me and I’m very glad I took it on as it was gratifying to work with the leather, a new medium.

The table top was a beautiful set of variegated walnut from Irion lumber which we decided needed breadboard ends aesthetically and to ensure minimal movement over time as we were able to get the top out of a three board matching set. The Trestle base is very rugged yet appears light weight due to the two vertical legs on each end and two horizontal beams that mirror each other.

And here we are all finished with seat cushions attached. ready to be shipped

Sunday, January 8, 2023

a few more favorites

in my previous post i promised 'a few more favorites'
and here are 'a few more' ... with almost 1000 posts to choose from, 
it gets a little tricky ...
click the pictures to enlarge them ...

the blog post for the link above is mostly highlight 
general thoughts on architectural and interior design, and
comments on the furniture design/make process ...
this is an excerpt from an article by ashley ericsmoen,
an australian based furniture designer/maker and professor of design ... 

i have been drawing for pleasure since i bought the book
back when i had to learn how to present my ideas to 
potential customers back in the late 70s. sadly, i made it
through high school and college without ever having an art course.
there are two relevant posts at the link above and both are 
discussions of the creative process

and two articles recently in the new york times and the new yorker
on ideas and creativity
new york times   temple grandin .. visual thinking
 new yorker  'how should we think about thinking?'

some cnc work ... 1997, using a cnc at a friend's shop
all 'handwork', no cnc ... 1993?

a cnc router is 'just a tool' that lets us
do things no one would likely pay us to do without it.
these stairs went to california, along with about 15 lineal 
feet of railings for the second floor
the photos the client sent that we used for the concept drawings;
the builder provided onsite measurements to create the shop drawings.
the original tansu stairs,  a local project we did in 1989 ... 

pretty much anything you want on them ...

and in case you missed it back in july, 
there's my 'old man project', still a work in progress ...
there are 6 posts there that i still add to from time to time .. 
story of my 51.5 years of life in vermont, and a little bit
from before i stepped off the bus in arlington to visit my sister.
i had $6. in my pocket, and everything i owned in one hand.

all for now ... 

Saturday, January 7, 2023

a few of my favorite things ...

 conveniently listed on the home page of my blog
are, according to blogger, my 'popular posts' ...
 the one at the top of that list has been viewed 
more than 35,000 times, which does make it 'popular',
at least in my book.

below i list not my 'popular posts', but some of my 'favorite posts'.
ones that feature projects that i enjoyed writing about,
and/or feature projects that i am proud of.
here we go .... lots to read here ...

at the time i was writing this post i was also reading
a cormac mccarthy book titled 'all the pretty horses'.
hence the post title, which explains what that post is about ..

i could go on and on about this one, 
and in the duck bed link above, i do ...
this was a rather miraculous repair if i do say so myself ...
we were able to get all the veneer pieces back to flat 
without disturbing the original finish ..
at least 6 of them there ... one of them took
nearly a year from cutting the trees to installing it
on the upper east side in new york city ...
some big projects there ...
all claro, all the time
about a dozen live edge tables in the blog post at that link
a real, deep, head scratcher here ..
create the supports for a conical ceiling ... 
here are the 'plans' from the architect
Ensure Slope Matches Side Wall Angle for Conical Ceiling'
at 2 and 1/16th x 12
and there is always the onsite variable where
the concrete wall on the right is maybe on 2 and 3/16ths x 12
instead of the required 2 and 1/16th x 12, which in
7' adds up!  crazy stuff !
a 1/8th" to the foot scale model ...
and your basic algebra here ...

and in 2010 we collaborated with a 
at 20' x 8', this is the 'small one'
'small' because this one is 26' x 9'
about 2' of granite hangs out over the base pieces
we cnc'd and joined the knockdown parts, 
we did the steel that supports the granite
 and did the wood borders around the granite pieces ...
our friend steve did the finishing and onsite assembly.

i think this will do it for today ... 
more 'favorites' to come sometime ...