Sunday, October 28, 2018

over the hump day 10 / 28

i think in the future, october 28th will be known as 'hump day', a personal holiday for me,
celebrating the transition to semi retirement.  office furniture in the new office ... all customer
furniture either delivered or on the road for delivery early this week.
and there was A LOT of it that had to leave in the last two weeks ..

there was the burl stuff .. a giant burl wall piece about 5' high x 6' wide
pictures on my instagram page ... 
i will post them here tomorrow
and along with that installation were two 'floating' side tables and
a 45" x 8' burl sculpture/mirror .. the clients selected the wood personally 
and let me just have at it ... great project, great clients!

and for the same clients,we also made an unusual claro walnut 
wall piece, and we'll add some side tables
for that once the room is finished ... 

and we did a complex drawer replacement project there after the clients installed a 
new commercial grade gas stove ... our part was easy, the vent, not so much!

and then there was the claro walnut stuff .. just a 45" x 122" table 

and a small one, only about 30" x 60" for different clients ... 

and a 36" x 108" x 1.5" walnut top below, with a nice 'brown finish'  i realize now
that i never even took a photo of the top of the table .. the base
is a commercially available piece selected by the designer and installed on site.
and then there was the 60" round we've been
holding till the apartment in nyc was finished ...
the builder says he'll finish 'this week' .. same design as the one below,
but 60" instead of 54" and dull instead of semi gloss ...
and we delivered a long held project, some of which we finished in the early summer ..
the mahogany table above and the 54" round game table below ..

worth the wait though .. it went to a spectacular restored
5 bay boathouse on lake george, about an hour and a half west of here.
lake george is famous as a summer retreat, hosting in the past
such luminaries as georgia o'keefe and david smith, 

you can read more about the boathouse project at this link
it was an amazing, almost hard to believe project. worth a read ..
almost forgot this one .. we finished it a couple weeks ago but it just was delivered the week before last .. super little mid century table in a super spot ...
what else?  a couple of interesting repairs, a new skylight, appliances, and an apartment
in the main shop building for will.  we also moved his workshop to the main floor
and finished the new office .. 

the six months in 1999 when we sold our house in arlington in april, built 
a new house in the summer, moved my shop into its current location and moved into 
our new house in november was pretty intense, but we were all 20 years younger then.
the last four or 5 months have been a close second.
 and i am 20 years older, which counts for sure.
all smiles now though ... 😁