Sunday, March 31, 2019

an oval mahogany table

ok .. we finished this one a couple weeks ago, 
and it is leaving for chicago next week ....
the clients have been motorcycling in the southwest for the last month or so
it's one of our 'standard' (if theres i such a thing in custom woodworking)
center pedestal ovals ... they are fun and challenging and infinitely variable
this is probably the 7th or 8th version we have done
ribbon stripe mahogany ...
i cut the two glued up panels on the cnc and used the
negative shapes to glue up the two halves ...
there was no 12/4 ribbon stripe so i had to glue up some 8/4 for the base pieces,
and some 5/4 for the veritcal elements
the process is to miter them and glue up two halves as shown below

 looks a little dangerous maybe, but it actually doesn't seem too bad
add some dominos and pocket screws ...
 clamping the halves together can be a bit tricky and there
is some fussy final fitting involved to get a good joint in there
 add some low curves to the half lapped base pieces

 oh yeah, the oval aprons add a challenge
 headed out ot its new home soon ....

some wood and metal mirrors

i finished a couple of mirrors a few weeks ago, both with "natural finish' metal edges
the 'natural finish' is just regular hot rolled steel, sanded lightly and sprayed with a clear finish
 natural cherry ... 36 x 42

 'whitewashed' spalted maple and natural finish steel

the hardware steel screws were a little harsh so i put em in a can
and set them in the woodstove for about 15 minutes til the can glowed a little red
cooled them in the snow and wire brushed them lightly
perfect match to the steel