finished pieces for sale ...available to ship immediately

in an effort to 'clean house' a bit, below are some pieces for sale,
ready to go, for immediate delivery .. 
the 52" round table below has a bit of history ... 
it can be characterized as 'very slightly used'.
the top of the table above was once in a law firm in new jersey 
you can see it in the photo below ...
several months after they received the 52" table they asked if 
i could replace the top with a 60" round, which we did ...
they asked for a 'credit' for the existing top, which i sort of
grudgingly granted.  my delivery guys installed the new top
and returned the original to me in 2018, and it has sat, 
wrapped up in my office, ever since ...last year we made 
a similar table, and as we got underway, the client requested
a change in the design of the base that you can see below ...
now, while we wait for some reclaimed chestnut to arrive from  
west virginia, we put 'two and two' together to make a new table
that i am offering for sale here now ... priced below the cost of new,
text or call me at 802-379-1478 to discuss it ...
here's another, a claro walnut cut off coffee table, 
28 x 46 x 18high (adjustable)
in the rough, with a pocket for the butterfly

these two cutoffs have been hanging out here for at least a couple of years

+/- 38 wide x 40 long x 16 high claro walnut 'corner' table
we were going to cut a 30" round from it, but we decided
it might be a cool accent for the right situation.
the steel trapezoid base came from a gallery table that 
the client wanted to be 'taller' ..
another 'corner' application below ... the straight sides are +/- 22"
and below, i updated my 'paintings for sale'
at The Coffee Bar, junction of routes 7 and 9
in downtown bennington ... lots of art for sale there!
'my corner'
some of the other art and the live music stage
great place! loads to see there!

  below we have a claro walnut desk, with a drawer and a 
secret compartment .. steel base by sam .. +/- 44 x 70.

beautiful color and figure in the desk top
call or text for a price ...

  ' Animal Rhythms' This is #1 in an edition of 6,  #s 2, 3, and #5 have been sold.  
 #1 is $2450. as shown 
it can also be wall hung ...
 The redwood burls ... I've had these for several years ... At first they were in the lumber shed and I would haul them out and try to talk people into commissioning a project from them ... Eventually, I realized 'they're done already', oiled them up and there they are ... They can also be mounted vertically; not sold individually ... $4750.00 for the pair. 
plus shipping or installation if necessary
'Revolving Doors' a steel and wire sculptured that is currently suspended between two trees that are about 20 feet apart ... Rotates gently in gentle winds and survives violent gusts fine (now, after much testing) ... $1950. plus installation .. needs repainting ..
another sculpture below
'  Sunrise/Sunset ' ... Rusted steel and painted wood ... outdoor ... $1750. + installation
 it has a 'champlain black' marble top and a matching mirror.  
20 x 52 x 32 high .. mahogny, black paint and 
amboyna burl table only $3450.
with the matching mirror ... $3950. ...
Dancer #1 ... rusted steel, locust base, indoors or out ... +/- 32 x 108 x 7  $1950.
This item has been STOLEN from outside a gallery in massachusetts !!  
if you see it please call me ... thanks!