finished pieces for sale ...available to ship immediately

 12/2014 ... After participating in a number of shows this spring and summer, I have ended up with a small collection of objects that could make someone very happy ...Essentially, I have too many ideas, and now, too much furniture and an urge to make some new pieces ... There is a total mix below ... Some stuff sports its original price tag or close to it cause I still like it and I'm not desperate to see it go.  There are a few pieces mixed in here that are, as they say, 'priced to move' ... Call at 802 867 5541 or email if you want to discuss any of these pieces.
Click the photos to enlarge them ....Thanks ... Dan
 This is the bench from the 'State of Craft ... 50 Years of Craft in Vermont' show that ran in 2010 at the bennington museum .. I'm quite partial to this piece as it involved Sam and Will and I, plus my grandfather, so it's one of the ones 'I still like' .... i have another version of this piece with rebar bracing and a slightly 'hotter' green base, ready to go ..  SOLD!    $2950.  
reclaimed oak, steel, paint .. +/- 16 x 54 x 18 high
i have this claro walnut desk, with a drawer and a secret compartment ..
steel base by sam .. +/- 44 x 70.
 the color in these pictures above don't do the piece justice for a price.
  and this claro slab table .. dark bronzed steel base.  +/- 37 x 90 ..
call for price .. other photos available
the top has beautiful figure and color ..
this walnut and reclaimed chestnut coffee table (+/- 32 x 42 with
brass inlays is currently in a show, but will be back after december 9th ... 
holiday special pricing on this one and the one below
more photos in a blog post dated 11/7  it's a beauty ...
SOLD !!  this is a slab of claro walnut that is finished and ready to go .. desk, coffee table, dining table,
your choice .. it is approximately 36 at the wide point by 80" long .. $3250. plus your choice of base.
here it is before it was finished.  there is clear, flush epoxy fill in the 'x' crack and the hole at the top does go all the way through.  still an extremely striking piece of wood ...
price on request with your base of choice ...

' Animal Rhythms' This is #1 in an edition of 12.  #s 2, 3, and #5 have been sold.  
 #1 is $2450. as shown
i had these planks for a while... +/- 3" x 12' x 14" wide
 now they are benches, for indoor or outdoor use ... +/- 9'+ long.  sold only as a pair.  can be seen at the southern vermont arts center in manchester, vt. ...can be arranged in many forms for pricing  802-867-5541

 The redwood burls ... I've had these for several years ... At first they were in the lumber shed and I would haul them out and try to talk people into commissioning a project from them ... Eventually, I realized 'they're done already', oiled them up and there they are ... They can also be mounted vertically; not sold individually ... $4000. for the pair.
we also have this 'bethlehem steel style' cherry bureau .. 
special, post show price, $3950.  SOLD!
4 of these 5 'bethlehem steel' pieces are still available .. the burl table on the left has been sold
call for pirces on the other pieces .. all but the two tables in the lower right have been sold ..
also in the bethlehem steel line, we have this 'flag' table.  essentially, a stained and painted slab of white oak about 29' wide by 54" long on a steel base.  it was inspired by a david smith show this summer at the clark art  museum in williamstown, mass.  $2450. plus shipping ..
the stain and paint and metal is a design form i'd like to explore more .. i have the other half of this oak slab just waiting to be something.  it's about the same width, but about 6' long.  table?  desk?
' Revolving Doors' a steel and wire sculptured that is currently suspended between two trees that are about 20 feet apart ... Rotates gently in gentle winds and survives violent gusts fine (now, after much testing) ... $1950. plus installation

Painted mdf lounge chair .... The one shown above is a straight version but I have a rocking version
ready to go .... fabic as shown .. #1484 Ben Moore paint color  $1550. man made board ...
solid wood also available to order ...
'  Sunrise/Sunset ' ... Rusted steel and painted wood ... outdoor ... $1750. + installation
almost forgot this one .. i walk by it on the way into my office 10-15 times a day .. it's part of a series of empire inspired console tables i built between 2001 and 2005. it has a 'champlain black' marble top
and a matching mirror.  20 x 52 x 32 high .. $3250. mahoagny, black paint and amboyna burl with the mirror, blue light special, $3750.  ... here's a bad photo 

 this piece has recently come on the market due to the desire of my client to 'downsize' in the near future.  i made it in 1981 and when i saw it last week for the first time in about 20 years or so, i was struck by how absolutely perfectly it has held up over 32 years.  there is a detailed blog post with more photos and info at this link.  consider it ... it's a beauty ... sold!
This table has been sold!
 i have this walnut slab table top, about 44 x 88.  it could have a different base than shown below.

 open to discussion ... it's a beautiful piece of wood.  $5500.
chairs with leather seats at $4500. for the six as shown
sold !!
i also have this claro walnut coffee table .. 44" x 55" x 18" high .. 
beautiful wood and ready to go.  $3250.

we have only a few pieces left from our recent show (hooray).  the chestnut console and mirror below and another smaller chestnut and steel side table with orange paint  ... 

have one like it, and a coffee table too, in dark oak

available with  ($1250.), or without the stand (wall hung, $950.)

Bethlehem Steel Dining Table and Ladderback Chairs .... two board walnut top with unusual 'defects' and steel plate inlays.  $2450. for the table; the 6 chairs are $775. each in walnut and distressed brown leather ... As a set, $6450.  The table is 40 x 86 and has steel legs and apron details and a two board walnut top
 More info here  ... 10/13  Table price reduced to $2150. 
SOLD TODAY 8/14/14
 SOLD ! Two Slices ... +/- 2' x 5' ... hangs on wall with lights as shown ... $850.

SOLDSkinny Console ...+/- 6 x 66 x 32  natural steel and english elm ...
 more photos on request ... $750.
Two Circles ... There was at one point a plan to add metal fish lurking under the seat ... as shown, hand hewn reclaimed chestnut and painted steel ... $1450.  indoor or outdoor .... SOLD !!
Dancer #1 ... rusted steel, locust base, indoors or out ... +/- 32 x 108 x 7  $1950.
This item has been STOLEN from outside a gallery in massachusetts !!  
if you see it please call me ... thanks!