Sunday, April 30, 2023

a couple of challenging projects

 ok, it's good to be challenged, especially when you have an
extremely talented nephew for an assistant on the job.
hats off to Kristian here!
this is the first of two challenges we wrapped up recently
 and i can't wait to see this one in its new home ... 

it's a Moroccan inspired sideboard with lots
 of carved details that all had to line up horizontally and
vertically as they went around the cabinet ...
a bit of a cad drawing challenge ..
 head on view here 
inspiration photos above ... our clients decided against
the carvings on the end panels as there is a wall close by on
the right, and a door to another room on the left and the 
cabinet ends will not be very visible ... 
getting the finish right turned out to be a bit of a challenge.
we made lots of samples before we ended (finally) with an
aniline dye, milk paint over that sponged, and a matte finish
top coat .... the gray lends it a bit of a 'not too brand new' feel.
rather than the Moroccan wood details on the doors,
we at first suggested some perforated steel panels, but
the holes allowed too much visibility into the cabinet interior
and did not really 'pop'..
Sam had some square hole material from a previous job 
and when we painted it a bronzy color and put a stained and 
painted mahogany veneer panel behind it, it was an instant winner
a couple of other photos by Kristian on his @vttrees
instagram page below ... quite the piece!

we have been making this pull in wood since the mid 80s, 
and i started having them cast about 10 years ago.  fortunately
bob had saved the patterns and once he got the sample i sent
we were good to go ... 
and i leave you with a few images from a friends 
recent trip to Morocco
the famous 'goats in  the trees'
it's not photoshopped!
and some other Moroccan carvings and tile work ... 
they like geometric forms!
all for now...

Sunday, April 23, 2023

the old man project

ok .. i have been out to lunch for a while on the old man project
that i started in july of 2022  ... i am back at it today, 
a rainy sunday at the end of april 2023 ..

in july of 2022, i started to write a somewhat lengthy
history of my time as a woodworker and 
furniture maker over the last 50 years ... 
you should be able to start with 'milestones' and at the end 
of that post go to the 'older post' link for the next installment.
i am approaching the beginning of my blogging in 2007,
and from there, it's all here .. nearly a thousand blog posts 
and over 2,000,000 page views ... it's been quite a trip ...

if you have the google photos app you can 
view the slide shows, with literally thousands of photos 
of our work over the years

feel free to comment or ask questions if you have any.
thanks for reading!