Sunday, January 10, 2021

another pool table

so, we more or less wrapped up another pool table last thursday ... 
it will be very similar to the one above, from 2012
only an 8 footer instead of a 9 footer.
we started with the cad drawing from a couple 8 footers we made in 2016.
from that drawing, we made some new jigs for sam to weld up the parts
jig for the ends off the cnc
the side rail jig was made once the parts were cut from the cad
drawing with the proper lengths and angles .. 
before sam could weld, Kristian had to grind and sand the steel parts.
all welded and ground with an acid wash patina applied ...
some assembly still required ...
while sam was welding, Kristian and i were in the wood shop 
fabricating the cushions, rails, and blinds.
we cut the pockets for the brass diamond on the cnc
and will was gracious enough to pull away from his
 seeders instruments business long enough to felt the rails in 
black simonis cloth for us ... he has done many rails in the past 
when he was working in the woodshop with me,
but none since 2016 ... he hasn't lost his touch though
we may not see this table fully assembled until it gets 
to its new home in northern michigan.  it will likely be 
leaving this coming week or next and we don't have 
enough clean room in either the woodshop or the metal shop
where it  can go ... the base has been assembled as have the
slate, rails and blinds, so it will be up to the mechanics who
set it up to send us a picture of it in place ...
rails and blinds in the wood shop
it all fits ..
Might be my last ... we'll see ...
it was set up in upstate michigan on wednesday 2/24
looks like a good spot
the cue rack has not been hung yet ...