Monday, June 13, 2016

another round one

here we go again ... time to think up a name for this design ... i think this is the fourth or fifth
version of this design we have done .. in the early stages above, it's a 48" round and will have two 24" leaves.  the halves of the base will move as the top expands ..
the revised cad drawing below
the first one, in the picture at the top, was a 60" round with three 18" leaves
you can see more versions of it in this slide show
light stain, dark stain, black, natural .. lots of choices ...
trevor, in the earlier stages, working on the base part joinery
gluing up the aprons here, which he angle cuts on the cnc after they set up ..
ready for aprons on the leaves and the angled apron cuts ..
ok .. the aprons are angled and the bottom edge of the top is beveled ..
a little sanding and scraping and we're ready for finish  ..
all done now ..
with the leaves .. alternate base designs below

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

a visitor from italy

had a visitor from italy yesterday .. actually the visitors were local, but the table has been in their family since it was new in the mid 1800s .
 basically, it just had a little issue with the drawer runners, and they didn't want to touch the finish,
which i was very happy about
 we tuned it up and it is good to go .. click the pictures to enlarge them and check out the fine inlays ..
really nicely done.  i particularly liked the burnt shadings, the 'spectators' around the oval, the ribbon and the tapered leg inlays ..
a classic ... good for another hundred at least ..