Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year Again! ... A repost from 2015

new year's day 2015! .. a time of reflection and optimism .. today's sunset above augurs well for 2015.  red sky at night; sailor's delight .... isn't that the saying?  2014 was an interesting and challenging year ... (as was 2021!) .. a little above average, actually.  some jobs just flowed; some jobs were like pulling teeth .. some had easy deadlines, and some, like the last three weeks of them, were rapid fire, one after another rush, rush, rush.  it's also possible that in reality, my management skills may be fading as i enter my 36th year of this grand production.  all's well that ends well though, and it's onward to 2015. 

since this blog post, i have organized all my slide shows in a page on my blog
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happy new year to you all, and all the best for 2022!

Friday, December 24, 2021

christmas eve, again

it's that time again ... christmas eve ... it kind of snuck up on me
this year, so i am going with some regular, older photographs ...  
my best wishes and thank yous to my friends, readers, and clients who
make what i do seem enjoyable and semm to be worth doing .. 
all the best for 2022 ... 
stay safe. be well. have fun!

Saturday, December 18, 2021

(another) custom walnut dining table

 well, it's saturday, it is snowing pretty hard, the music is good,
 and i am thinking of having a beer .. 
i'm on a roll with the blog posting, two so far, so here's another ...
i've got my beer now .. here we go ...
there is our inspoiration photo from the client, and our first mockup 
using the tooling for the apron we had on hand. the apron knife i used 
was one i had made previously for big cove moldings and pencil trays ..
not perfect!  we had to have a custom knife cut based on a section of an angled oval ...
once the knife arrived, we ran em ... no problemo
we used some nice walnut from irion lumber,
5/4, 6/4, and 16/4 for the legs ... a couple thousand $$ of it .. 
54 x 88 with one 18" leaf ... pretty big table!
next we used what we refer to as our 'holes and pins' jig ... 
it never fails to line everything up
drill bushings from mcmaster-carr
center aligned ... good up to 6' diameter tables
drill one half one way, the other, the other way .. 
one of my handiest jigs ever ...
where was i?  oh yeah, attaching the legs ...
we devised a sort of complicated pair of corner blocks, 
for each corner, pocket screwed to the 6/4 aprons ...
the top and bottom blockes were, in the end, connected with pieces
of 3/4 ply that were later screwed to the vertical square tenon on
the top of the leg. we also included a 2.5" #12 wood screw 
down through the center of the top block.  a very rugged connection
considering the deisgn ...
kristian ran the fluted details on the cnc using a 1/2" round nose bit,
many passes, on 1/16th" centers perpendicular to the center line of the legs
hard to describe til you see it happen .. 
it took about 6 minutes per flute, four flutes per leg
it took 3 tries to get the leg design approved .. i think if you blow this one up
you can see the tool paths on the poplar test piece
so there you have it, upside down, and ....
 right side up ... headed to tampa sometime in early 2022 ...
anothe challenge, for sure!

an english walnut slab coffee table

this was a fun little project
it started with an english walnut slab from our other friends at goodhope hardwoods
coincidentally, we had this nice walnut base left over that we acquired when 
a client bought a coffee table in on of our galleries, and
requested that we make a metal base instead of the wood one .. 
 as you can see from the photos above, there were a few epoxy repairs required, 
but in the end, the grain of the walnut was quite spectacular!
 another view of the table in its new home, with better lighting
lookin good!

A mid century modern oval table

ok ... it's been a while here ... almost two months since my last blog post.  but it's not
cause we haven't been doing anything, but rather that we have been too busy ...


here's an inspiration photo we got from the client ... we were tasked to simplify
 it a bit, make seating for 8, and then figure out how to build it ... 
from the drawing that i will post later, on the cnc, we cut a mockup mdf
top and an insert for a steel pieces that would attach to
the legs and theoretically make the whole thing strong and stable.
we got that and then just made all the parts from some
 nice walnut from our friends at Irion Lumber
we got it all together, but before we did the finishing, we 
realized that the top was 'shaky' due to the fact that there were no real
'aprons' up by the top to firm the structure up.  sam rolled a simple 
1/4" x 1" piece of steel that firmed things up considerably
good to go ... off to boston ...
an interesting, (and a little challenging), project ...