Wednesday, March 29, 2017

a painting a day

i have been trying to do a small painting a day since the first of march ... 
below are a few of them ...
click the photos to enlarge them.
'daffodils '
'blue bird'
'the rooster and the egg'
'paul klee comes to visit'
4/4 .. 'blue diver'
 'danby four corners 1995' 4/1
'washington monument'

'plaid 32117'
'the reds and the blues duke it out'

'color field 31117'

'casper the ghost'

'thoughts of spring'

'a small pond'

a reclaimed hemock table

all in, all done ... i like the reclaimed hemlock
there is an interesting, yet satisfying color variation from board to board
it was hard to predict the color when selecting the boards in the rough ... story below ..
we are currently building a 60" round farm table from a client's reclaimed hemlock ...
it was 'a little rough' asthe boys in the shop referred to it ...
it took a lot of gluing and epoxy filling and a few metal plates to reinforce the weak parts,
but it is coming together now .. in fact it is ready for finish now and should be 
finished by the end of the week

turned legs, square base, with the leaves in
areas to fill and patch ...

the boys think we should call this table 'patches'
more photos as we finish up ...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

mr berry has left the building

mr. berry has left the building .. soundtrack of my youth ... maybelline .. promised land ...
on and on ... there is some vinyl, somewhere, as well as a cd, also somewhere, of 
'the great 28', chuck's biggest hits ... 
rock and roll hall of famer, influencer of the stones, the beetles, bruce and even the beach boys,
and he was finally recognized by the grammy folks ith a lifetime achievemnet award in 1984.
he was a showman and had some trouble with the law, but his particular style of guitar playing is 
one of the gold standards of early rock.  there is an excellent obit in the times by jon pareles..
good slide show and a nice tribute there .. 
i leave you with a little duckwalk and the lyrics to 'promised land' 
i hope chuck really made it there ..

Thursday, March 16, 2017

(yet another) round walnut table

here we go again ... yet another round walnut dining table with leaves
we have made a big bunch of them in the last couple of years, 
and we never tire of the form .. this one is loosely based on a 
photo of a mid-century modern table, designer unknown, sent to us by 
took the top picture with good and careful lighting, took the two
here with the leaves the next day 
when i was in a hurry and had to make room in the finish room
it's somewhere between the two ... with jus two of the leaves above ..
and with all three, with drop down legs here .. i doubt the client will ever use them, 
but i would hate big ancient aunt matilda to lean on the end of the table to get out 
of her seat ..
early on ...
nested parts, cut on the cnc

with the leaves without the legs .. it works, but don't dance out there ..
and the cad drawing here ..

fine walnut from our friends at irion lumber

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

another american walnut table and 12 ladderbacks

another walnut table .. this one with some sap wood and another steel base ..
here's the drawing ..
ready for some 'bronze' finish on the steel
and the 8/4 from irion .. Myron had to hunt up these boards with the sapwood. 
there usually isn't much sap on their walnut ..
I was hoping for a bit more, but it looks good as it is .
these clients chose the Danish cord ladderbacks .. 12 of em ... lots of parts
they will look like these when they are finished ..
with lots of nails for the cordwork

for a change, we put the nails in before the chairs were glued up and finished ...
our cord person, Sandy Sherman, of Sherman chair caning was most appreciative ..
nesting !!
ready for finish and cording .. pictures of the finished table
and chairs soon ...